The new Biobaza Adriatic Heritage collection, inspired by summer and the unique Adriatic nature - warm sun, playful mistral and refreshing aerosol, has arrived exclusively in Bipa stores. Gentle, moisturizing formulations of shower gels, rich body creams, natural deo roll-ons and practical universal creams for targeted care of dry skin are an ideal combination for daily beauty rituals. You will enjoy with all your senses in this limited collection - its special scents and powerful effect on the skin.

(Zagreb, May 2023) - The new Biobaza Adriatic Heritage collection has arrived in all Bipa stores in three fragrant notes inspired by summer and the unique Adriatic nature - warm sun, fragrant mistral and refreshing aerosol. Biobaza pharmacists have skillfully combined aromatic and healing herbs and nourishing and moisturizing natural ingredients to obtain powerful formulations for skin care with an irresistible scent. Each collection contains a shower gel, a rich body care cream, a natural roll-on deodorant and a practical, universal cream for targeted care of dry parts of the skin:

sunshine banner

The SUNSHINE BEAUTY COCOON collection is a real treat for the skin, but also for all the senses, because the rich natural formulations, in addition to providing complete care, also smell like warm summer sun and real pleasure. Regardless of the weather forecast, the carefully designed Sunshine beauty treatment brings sunshine into your bathroom every day. The combination of immortelle and lavender, along with beta-carotene and aloe vera will make the skin miraculous, radiant and supple. Start the care ritual with a gentle, natural shower gel that, although mild, powerfully removes impurities, nourishes and softens the skin. Stay fresh with the soothing deo roll-on, ideal for sensitive underarm skin, because its rich cocktail of natural ingredients effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors and provides freshness throughout the day. For skin care, the Sunshine collection offers two creams. The rich texture of the body cream instantly smoothes and softens the skin because beta-carotene, along with natural oils, butters, plant proteins and extracts, effectively tones, smoothes and protects the skin from drying out. You will love the feeling of "tucking in" in the original, natural beauty that has no competition.

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The MISTRAL BEAUTY BREEZE collection brings an incredibly pleasant, airy, aromatic refreshment for the skin and for all the senses. Inspired by the mischievous mistral – the summer wind that plays with island herbs – sage and rosemary, and mixes its scents with sea aerosol and the warm sun, the Mistral collection is a source of pure pleasure and satisfaction. Gentle shower gel refreshes all the senses and clears the thoughts, softens the skin and restores its tone. Keep that special feeling during the day with a natural deo roll-on with a unique composition, which, in addition to caring for the sensitive underarm area, also provides a pleasant, refined, natural freshness. Target dry parts of the body with a rich cream, and improve the hydration of the skin with a light body cream whose immediate effect restores the skin's natural radiance, suppleness and beauty.

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SEA MIST BEAUTY HYDROPOND is an inexhaustible source of natural skin care and hydration. Carefully selected ingredients refresh the skin just like the finest sea aerosol, improve its hydrolipidic barrier, and thus prevent loss of tone and aging of the skin. With an irresistible scent, Sea Mist shower gel gently removes impurities, softens the skin and protects it from drying out. The natural freshness during the day is enhanced by the natural deo roll-on, which nourishes and provides a feeling of comfort after application. The dry areas of the hands, feet and body are targeted and nourished by a rich cream, while the whole body is hydrated by a gentle body cream whose light texture glides beautifully and is absorbed into the skin, which instantly becomes silky soft and shiny. Immerse all your senses in the refreshing feeling that emanates from this unique collection!

Products from the new Biobaza Adriatic Heritage collection, as well as specially designed gift packages, can be found exclusively in all Bipa stores.