The yellow, pink and blue line of cleansing and face care products are part of the new Biobaza Beauty collection - created for complete care of all skin types that are thirsty for natural care.   Highly potent ingredients and precious extracts restore freshness and radiance, while alleviating the signs of ageing.

The Biobaza Beauty collection with innovative natural formulas and luxurious textures offers a complete care for all skin types. Highly potent ingredients – squalane, hyaluronic acid, borage, grape seed, primrose and immortelle oils, will nourish the skin, refresh it and give a radiant appearance.  A specially designed formulation with locally eco-grown immortelle is intended for dry skin prone to wrinkles, it will reduce their visibility and postpone appearance of new ones. The new Beauty collection is divided into three lines depending on the skin type: PINK line is for dry and sensitive skin, BLUE line is for combination and oily skin and YELLOW line is for dry skin prone to wrinkles.

THE PINK line is created for dry and extremely sensitive skin and it consists of  Ultra Sensitive micellar water and Smart Renewal cream. 

  • Gentle as the morning dew, Ultra Sensitive micellar water is powerful due to its natural ingredients – aloe vera, allantoin and panthenol – which soothe and renew the skin.
  • Smart Renewal cream, rich in squalane, hyaluronic acid and unique complex of natural ingredients with Ecocert certificate, has a great antioxidative potential and stimulates natural replacement of collagen, vitamin C and skin rejuvenation.

THE BLUE line is formulated for the care of demanding, combination and oily skin, and it includes four products for complete care.  

  • Gentle cleansing gel with zinc and chamomile, a bestseller for many years with new packaging. It is recommended for the care of demanding skin prone to increased production of sebum, pimples and redness.
  • Each drop of the new blue micellar water brings plenty of hydration and care, because its natural formula is additionally enriched with hyaluronic acid.
  • Hydratonic serum with carefully selected natural ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, panthenol and aloe vera juice, maintains optimal moisture levels and fresh look of the skin. It does not leave any greasy residue, therefore, it is ideal as a day care and foundation for lasting make-up. The 24h action formula maintains the ideal balance of the hydrolipidic film throughout the entire day.
  • Hydratonic Moisturizing cream has a triple activity – intensively hydrates, improves tone and tightens the skin with the cocktail of squalane, green tea extract and concentrated natural ingredients with Ecocert certificate. Combined with serum, Hydratonic Moisturizing cream provides ideal nighttime care with a regenerative effect.


THE YELLOW line is designed for the care of dry skin prone to wrinkles, and the complete care consists of three products with high-quality immortelle extract from local eco-farming.

  • Face Cleansing milk is additionally enriched with almond oil for the gentlest removal of impurities and make-up. With its light texture and exceptional efficiency, face cleansing milk cares for the skin that feels “too tight”, as it nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  • Anti-ageing Oil serum contains a combination of immortelle extract, nourishing oils and squalane that ensure rich and natural anti-wrinkle care. It provides instant relief for dry skin, refreshes and gives a natural radiant complexation.
  • Plantfusion anti-ageing cream with luxurious formula of antioxidant oils – borage, grape seed, coconut, macadamia and avocado, nourishes and protects the skin from drying out, while stimulating skin renewal. Immortelle oil, primrose and squalene will refresh the skin, alleviate existing wrinkles and postpone the appearance of new ones. Combined with serum, it provides ideal nighttime care with anti-ageing effect.

The new Biobaza Beauty face care collection for all skin types is available in dm, BIPA and Müller stores. Choose the line that suits your needs and enjoy in the beauty of satisfied skin!