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Lip care requires a special care especially in the colder months. Therefore, pharmaceutical experts from Biobaza have created two new, completely natural formulas to help with chapped and sensitive lips. Based on beeswax, with the addition of nutrients, such as cotton oil, cocoa butter, cloudberry extract, and vitamins A and E, the new Bee Balm Sugar Therapy and Neutral Soft instantly smooth and soften lips and protect them from drying out.


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Biobaza presents a new product in SUN line: READY FOR SUN food supplement (capsules) for the skin preparation prior to sun exposure based on astaxanthin, beta-carotene from purple carrot and vitamins A, C and E.


Biobaza has enriched its Exclusive line with a new face cream. Cream with lycopene is especially designed for oily skin because it does not clog pores and it leaves no greasy residue. Lycopene, a plant pigment from tomatoes is a powerful antioxidant, which has a beneficial effect on the skin as it keeps it from harmful free radicals. 


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Biobaza, natural cosmetics of pharmaceutical quality, is proud to present a new hair line. Four natural shampoos with unique herbal formulations are designed to provide targeted care to every hair type and maintain a healthy scalp, as well as shiny and beautiful hair. Special innovation is Low Poo shampoo with low sulfate level, ideal for daily care of the most sensitive hair.

Biobaza predstavlja novi proizvod iz linije Exclusive – inovativno micelarno ulje za čišćenje lica s ekstraktom mimoze. Prirodna formula temeljena na hranjivim uljima, bez sapuna, parabena i boja, uklanja najtvrdokorniju šminku i nečistoće u trenu, a koža ostaje čista, meka i osvježena.

Jedinstvena formula njegujućih ulja i moćnih micela omogućit će vam revolucionaran način uklanjanja i najtvrdokornije, vodootporne šminke i drugih nečistoća s lica u trenu. Obogaćeno ekstraktom mimoze te njegujućim uljima badema i masline, New Age Mimosa micelarno ulje osim što besprijekorno čisti, koži pruža izvrsnu hidrataciju i baršunastu mekoću.