Black soap

99% natural origin

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Soap with black coal for washing and shaving. Activated charcoal and a complex of essential oils of patchouli and laurel cleanse the skin, reduce greasiness and clogging up of pores and the appearance of pimples. Olive and palm oil rich in vitamins A and E maintain moisture and skin elasticity. Black soap is ideal for the care of unclean youthful skin, and also for shaving. In a practical container, black soap creates a rich foam and its natural ingredients have antibacterial action which helps skin to regenerate.

Usage: apply soap on wet skin, foam up and rinse thoroughly with water. When shaving, dip shaving brush in water and foam up the soap. Apply the foam to the chin area. After shaving, rinse thoroughly with water.

Herbal ingredients: activated coal, patchouli and laurel oil, olive and palm oil

Paraben free, color free, perfume free


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